Japanese Association for Housing Thermal Insulation Technology co.

  • We are committed to working towards the improved function and performance of buildings, with a focus on housing. We are concerned with the study of thermal insulation materials and methods for energy saving, whilst seeking to improve the indoor thermal environment. And it is our aim to share the results of these studies with wider society. The inaugural meeting of this association took place in June 7th 2013 and later the same month gained authentication as a corporation, fully registered on July 10th 2013. We will conduct the following specific activities.

    1.Promoting education and dissemination of thermal insulation construction methods drawing on the wide experience of special skills and abilities of the association members and spreading good practice models for the construction of residential building, hospitals etc. using thermal insulation technology.

    2. Working towards the maintenance of quality in housing construction utilizing thermal insulation methods, establishing a standardized criteria and certification system, including qualifications for inspectors of these standards.

    3. Implementation of research and education concerning countermeasures against health hazards in construction.

    4. Implementation of research activities related to domestic and foreign construction including joint initiatives with universities and research institutes.

    5. Providing information by newsletter, video and publication.

    6. Introduction and expansion of a variety of techniques that lead to the preservation of the environment.

    7. Undertaking Research, social education, consumer support and provision of information that will contribute to energy savings, while also increasing concern for health and comfort, combined with high durability, as well as the reduction of operating costs of the building.

    8.Partipation in exhibitions to inform a wider audience about our technology

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